We are proud to announce that our Saudi Arabia operation has been accredited for the first time by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for its ambulatory care network. The world-renowned accreditation demonstrates our company’s excellence in renal care provision and organisation management in the country. 

This accreditation is testament to the standards of excellence Diaverum has achieved since we began offering life enhancing care to patients with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) in Saudi Arabia over eight years ago. The implementation of our integrated, patient-centric model, that delivers benchmark medical outcomes and patient satisfaction levels, both within the company’s global network of clinics as well as industry-wide, has been integral to meeting the JCI’s standards of performance. 

Since we commenced operations in Saudi Arabia in 2013, we have made significant investments in our clinic infrastructure. We have also transferred medical & operational knowledge to develop both local and international talents through d.ACADEMY, by utilising physical and virtual training modules. d.ACADEMY in Saudi Arabia includes a certified training centre located in Riyadh, providing continuous education in practice, with accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).

Nationwide, Diaverum Saudi Arabia provides holistic dialysis services, including among others the coordination of patients’ comorbidities through nutrition, pharmaceutical and social care, as well as vascular access surgeries and holiday dialysis.

Today, we  provide care for more than 4,300 patients across 40 clinics in 33 cities and towns, making us the largest renal care provider in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.  

"We receive the JCI accreditation with great pride. It’s a true testament to our one-of-a-kind, value-based care delivery approach that has been providing superior medical outcomes to our patients. Our vision at Diaverum is to transform renal services, empowering our patients to live fulfilling lives. This means we set the bar high, putting the patient first and very often, going beyond contractual requirements to offer the highest quality of care"
"The world renowned JCI accreditation for ambulatory care networks enhances the sustainability of our Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia; enabling access to quality care across the Kingdom since 2013. This accreditation advocates for further developing healthcare models based on values and outcomes. This will inevitably strengthen our market position in the region as the renal care provider of choice for patients, national health services and healthcare professionals alike"

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